Training mental health professionals in referring drug users

Treatment Center for Addicted Detainees-KATK

Goals of the proposed project

  1. The main goal of the proposed project is to train prison professionals (especially psychologists and social workers) on general issues related to substance abuse and drug users to various external and internal therapeutic programs.
  2. Professionals will familiarize with motivation techniques useful for both drug users and other inmates as they both target a change in life-style.
  3. Professionals will learn and observe how a therapeutic program for drug addicts is applied.
  4. The Therapeutic Institute (Treatment Center for Addicted Detainees-KATK) will be known amongst colleagues.
  5. Information about The Therapeutic Institute (Treatment Center for Addicted Detainees-KATK) will be spread to inmates. (Dissemination)
  6. Professionals acquaint themselves with the referral procedures.
  7. Professionals will train and work as a team with colleagues from different detainee centers in a friendly environment.
  8. Professionals will have the opportunity to relief of a difficult daily routine (burn out).
  9. Professionals from peripheral prisons will have the opportunity to have access in service training, something rare.

How will these goals be achieved?

The proposed seminar will last 9 months: the aim is to set three different groups of 10 trainees each. The meetings will take place at KATK and will be organized by members of the therapeutic group. The duration of training sessions will be at least two working days. During the meetings the trainees will work in groups and workshops. The seminar will focus in case studies and various techniques to support the target population. During the training sessions, participants will be able to exchange practices as to motivate and sensitize drug users. Best practices will be explored, information materials will be handed out to the participants and direct contact with treated detainees will enlive the whole experience.

Seminar schedule:

1st Day:

9:00 Transfer from Athens to KATK-70km
10:30 Greetings from the Director and the Head of the Therapeutic Team
10:45 A short play from inmates regarding motivation
11.30 A small tour to different facilities of the Center
12:30 Round table presentation: «Detoxification behind bars: Treatment Center for Addicted Detainees-difficulties and prospects»
13:30 A light lunch
14:30 Continue the round table
16:00 Return to Athens
20:00 Dinner of participants

2nd Day:

8:00 Transfer from Athens to KATK
9:30 Presentation of motivational techniques
10:30 Workshop for motivating/sensitizing on drug related issues.
12:30 Meeting of specialists in work sessions.
13:15 Light lunch
14:00 Reflection and close up of the seminar
15:00 Return to Athens

Who will benefit from the project?

Directly: Mental health professionals who will attend the seminar.

Indirectly: Inmates in different prisons/KATK through increase of the number of referrals.

Who is the target group?

Mental health professionals (social workers, psychologist and possibly medical staff) who work in prisons from all over Greece (total 30).

The selection of the trainees will be the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice in cooperation with various prisons.

Priority is given to large prison settings with a high number of drug inmates.

The ratio between peripheral and central prisons will be 1 to 3 (due to financial needs).

Number of beneficiaries?

Every social worker and every psychologist who works in a prison is responsible for up to 100 inmates. Those who encounter drug problems could be the beneficiary of the above mentioned in service seminar.

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